7th Street Confections



Sweet Ingenuity

A series of nonsense machine illustrations created for 7th Street Confections to be used on the packaging and promotional assets of their latest product.

The illustrations were a chance to work in a quirky, fun and eccentric style creating a design that is unusual and effective.



Creating A Rube Goldberg machine

It’s more complex than it appears to create a Rube Goldberg Machine (Whacky and overly elaborate contraption). There’s a certain logic that has to be applied to how the universe works around what you’re making. Things need to appear sturdy enough to themselves up, but also seem as though on the point of collapse.

The restrictions of the packaging illustration was that it had to remain modular and able to separate easily for reuse on supporting assets. This meant that although each element had to appear interconnected, it had to be untethered both from internal elements, and the ground, which due to gravity and tradition usually sits at the bottom. It was a juggling act to build the sense realism, whimsy and broken physics, but the results were extremely satisfying.