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Oban's Design Tips: 5 useful free fonts on Font Squirrel

Oban Jones, owner and designer of ODI Studios, brings you his industry insider tips and tricks. This week he discusses the best free fonts you can use right now to give your business an elevated edge. Arial, move aside...

Font Squirrel, the self proclaimed free font utopia, has it’s flaws like many of these services, but for my money (or more to the point, not for my money) is the best free for commercial use font resource I’ve come across. Here’s a selection of 5 of my favourite and most usable fonts I’ve found.


Amazing all round work horse of a font. Playful but clean body copy font. Strong and diverse title font. Perhaps verging on overused, but with good reason. As far as I’m aware it lacks italic variation within the family.


Softened corners add a little friendliness and civility to this otherwise bold, almost aggressive display font. Very versatile for a bold all caps typeface.


Stumbled across this little little beauty whilst looking for a serif that broke free of that classical constraint that plagues the serif category on any font site. Caudex has a modern quirkiness to it, without committing to far and making it unusable for body copy. It flirts with the slab serif sub category but pulls back just in time.


Superb serif display typeface that immediately puts me in mind of the classic Faber & Faber book covers. Colos sits as a great free alternative to the more versatile and established Albertus typeface.


If you’re looking for a sans-serif that less rounded than the usual but your sick to death of Roboto Sans, D-DIN is a great option. 8 styles in the family, including condensed and italic, this is a solid all rounder.

What are your most used free fonts? Have you found these useful? Let me know!

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