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Free Font sample - High Life

HIGH LIFE is a stylish and timeless font, borrowing from the Art Deco movement, High Life is reminiscent of a bygone time, when class and sophistication were prized above all else.

High Life has both a serif & sans serif version and when combined with a numbers set and a variety of special characters, High Life is perfect for bold statement pieces, arresting titles and tasteful vintage designs.

This is a lite version of the full typeface. If you would like to get the san serif version with numbers and special character please visit my online store.

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Free Font - Lost Childhood

Lost Childhood is a bold display typeface that pulls it's haphazard letter forms straight out of the past. Made to look as at home in the title sequence of the Flintstones or Jetsons as it does on retro packaging and printables. Hand drawn, developed and vectored with illustrations in mind, this font works beautifully accompanying retro style cartoons and designs.

Upper case, lower case, and special characters included.

Hope you have as much fun playing with Lost Childhood as I had making it :)


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