Creating a Sustainable Clothing Brand


Back in 2017, myself and the marketing maestro of Ellusionist himself, Geraint Clarke, realised we both had a small, simmering desire in common. We decided to take the plunge on this idea that had been quietly maturing in the creative archives somewhere. With an avid love of independent clothing brands that use unique and interesting designs, we wanted to see what we could come up with ourselves.

We loved the idea of branding a clothing company that focused on both affordability and quality, without one meaning a compromise of the other. We wanted to design clothes that suited our style, our interests and our lifestyle. Something to appeal to the creatives, the digital age wanderers that had broken out of the 9-5 mould and forged their own way in the millennial lifestyle.


The branding came naturally, once we decided on our market. 

Our story? The two sides of a coin, the fame-seeker and the shadow-dweller, overcoming the odds to find success. Ghost + Glory


We were also very interested in the process of garment creation. There has been a lot of awareness surrounding the issues of fast fashion, and we were determined to find a way to produce our products with as minimal environmental impact as possible. Where would these clothes be made? How? What would our impact be by selling these garments?

We researched hard, and came up with the best solution viable to us. Earth positive garments, that were produced in a carbon neutral manner using organic cotton.

Happy with this outcome, we launched the project to a modest but commendable reception, and so far have been ticking along nicely. We’ve avoided putting too much money into advertising, choosing instead to reward loyal customers with frequent discount codes, and using social media as our main marketing output, as this is the most accessible route for a small start up.

The main thing we’ve learnt is that the clothing industry is tough competition, especially if you want to keep things sustainable. By choosing the environment over bottom lines we’ve probably left ourselves with a much smaller cut of the pie than most people would want. But hey, we can sleep at night, and we’re having a blast in the process.

Oban Jones