We create illustrations and designs that look beyond the latest fads to build thoughtful and impactful solutions. We value the tangible with a deep love of quality and sustainable print, whilst understanding the importance of digital.

Inventive, timeless design.


What we do.

More than your run of the mill design agency, we focus on skilfully executed and stylised design and illustration. We have the experience and creativity to bring your killer idea to life with an artistic flair.

How we do it.

We deliver well-planned, well-executed and mindful designs derived from a passion for integrity, authenticity and originality. We believe in simplicity and clarity, ensuring each project is approached with thought and consideration. There is no one size fits all, each project is unique and bespoke.  

The result.

Each project develops a personality and voice that talks to your intended audience, creating lasting connections raising the perception of your brand.   


We believe incredible branding shouldn't be reserved for the few. Every business deserves quality branding that expresses it's purpose clearly and packed with personality that demands notice.

That's why we don't stop at the logo, important as that is, a brand can be so much more. Here are a few things we offer to create a well rounded and engaging brand for your business: 

Logo design - Identity and style direction - Colour palettes - Style guides - Typography - Brand icons 



There's not much that lifts a project like a bespoke quality illustration. In the same way that dicey clip art can be spotted a mile off, so can unique and considered illustration raise the perception of quality for the brand, product, event it's attached to.

We have our own in-house style of illustration but are by no means hemmed in by it. Our Art Director Oban Jones has spent many years working in multiple styles, creating beautiful and enthralling pieces for a vast variety of projects.   


In the age of digital, print is having an unexpected but utterly welcome resurgence. Anything that exists outside of a screen is gifted a certain gravitas and memorability so often denied to its pixel-based counterpart. It's no secret that at ODIS we like print, like more than a friend, and we truly excel when it comes to designing for print. Some examples of what we offer are:

Packaging - Posters and flyers - Leave pieces - Magazines and books - Catalogues and lookbooks - Invitations - POS materials - Business cards     


Building your perfect project can require more than amazing designs. We also offer a wide range of supporting disciplines that create a well-rounded experience.



Art direction

Creative consultancy. Photography direction. Shoot styling. Visual style consultancy. Concept styling. Copywriting.


Lifestyle shoots. Product and food photography. Styling. Brand videos. Shoots for social media. Content creation.

Social media

Account setup. Strategy. Customised design. Integration of campaigns. Content creation.


why work with us

We don't create paint-by-numbers designs. Everything we do comes from an honest desire to make something original, beautiful and functional.

Every client we work with gets a bespoke service that fits the unique requirements of your project.